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"The area where any analysis must begin is with the sample. 
No matter how good the lab is, the analysis is only as good as the sample."

Professional sampling involves the systematic collection of material to produce a representative cross section. McCreath has always shown the ability to take samples given a wide range of circumstances which vary due to the local conditions.  International standards are exceeded whenever physically possible. Samples are then prepared for shipment to our lab, normally on the spot.

We pride ourselves on how well our field people sample and inspect materials.

We pride ourselves on how well our field people sample and inspect materials.


Reasons for Sampling

Simply put, a McCreath Certificate has been known to add value to a cargo of material. 

Whether it is the melt shop supervisor who needs to know the analyisis of what he adds to his heats or a trader buying material offshore, sight unseen, the McCreath name instills confidence for both.  

McCreath's professional sampling, analysis, and/or inspection protects the interests of both buyers and sellers in a sale or purchase agreeement.  Typically, the routine sampling of cargoes heads off any disputes or conflicts before they have a chance to happen. 

When prior sampling has not been done, disputes can arise between parties based on chemistry or physical properties such as particular size or weights.  Sampling done "after the fact" can be used to identify and define whether or not the problem exists, how extensive it may be, and then allows for financial settlements.

McCreath's sampling and analysis will also satisfy the requirements of ISO audits.

There is a confidence and trust in the McCreath name by suppliers and receivers of materials around the world.