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Reports of discharge/loading can give pertinent details on stowage, handling, and conditions of cargoes. Our inspection personnel can give real time updates before and during the discharge or loading of a vessel. Essentially they can be your eyes, relaying important independent information, so that informed decisions can be made.

Draft surveys of barges, which give approximate tonnage's based on water displacement, are routinely used in the Gulf of Mexico for settlement weights.  Scale weights are the norm in the northern ports. Verification of truck or rail scale weights is called checkweighing.  Draft surveys and Checkweighing are available at most of our locations.

Aluminum Ingots with Bricks inside expained the low yield

Other inspections are also possible, such as the conditions of the material and packaging in the warehouse or other location.

The Aluminum Ingot to the left is an example of a lot of material that had whole bricks in them.  Our inspections can help explain why recoveries are low.