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The heart of our company. 



Our laboratory and preparation departments are made up of dedicated professionals with years of experience using state of the art equipment. We are A2LA accredited for a wide variety of materials and methods and have one of the most respected names in the industry. 

We recognize the 2 major components needed from our laboratory are the accuracy of the results and how soon those results will be available.  Both are given high priorites throughout our organization.

Analysis of samples

There are two types of samples we normally analyze. The first is a sample we receive from a customer or warehouse.  This is a very useful way for a melt shop supervisor to determine the causes of problems they may be having or identifying "odd" materials.  While we have no control over any aspect of how this sample was taken or prepared prior to our receiving it, our analysis of this sample is given the same attention as the ones we take ourselves. We analyze this type of sample for the requested elements or compounds and report the chemistry on our certificate as being a sample that we "received".

The second type of samples our lab analyzes are those taken by our representatives at ports of discharge or from stockpiles. These are samples that are taken professionally using a systematic approach to sampling.







Matt working at the ICP